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Muay Thai League

Development Series Gloves

Development Series Gloves

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Synthetic leather gloves designed for the evolving Nak Muay.

If you are looking for a glove that is comfortable yet affordable, look no further. Designed to be high quality to get you through Muay Thai classes, pad/ bag work and beginner level sparring without breaking the bank. They are a great option for the part time Nak Muay, kids or someone just starting out their journey! 

Recommended use;

6oz - Kids 4 to 10yrs - [See our Youth Gloves here]

10oz - Kids 10yrs+ & Adults for classes and all your general Muay Thai

16oz - Sparring, contact partner work, or everyday use for 80kg+

If you are looking for a premium leather glove that will withstand full time use through fight camp after fight camp, keep an eye out for our Pro Series coming soon!

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